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Synonyms and Antonyms of hoist

  1. 1 to lift with effort <dockworkers hoisted all 164 barrels of molasses out of the ship's hold when it arrived in port> Synonyms boost, heft, heave, jack (up), upheaveRelated Words elevate, hike, pick up, raise, rear, up, uplift, upraise, uprearNear Antonyms depress, drop, lower; sink, submerge, submerse

  2. 2 to move from a lower to a higher place or position <hoisted the flag on the flagpole> Synonyms boost, crane, elevate, heave, heft, heighten, hike, raise, jack (up), lift, perk (up), pick up, take up, up, uphold, uplift, upraiseRelated Words ascend, mount, rise; rear, upendNear Antonyms descend, dip, fall, pitch, plunge, slip; bear, depress, press, push; sink, submergeAntonyms drop, lower

  3. 3 to swallow in liquid form <I have time to hoist a couple beers before heading home> Synonyms belt (down), gulp, guzzle, drink, imbibe, knock back, pound (down), quaff, sip, slug (down), slurp, sup, swig, swill, toss (down or off)Related Words lap, lick, suck; consume, down, ingurgitate, kill, mouth (down), put away; nip, tipple; pledge, toast, wine

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