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Synonyms and Antonyms of guzzle

  1. 1 to swallow in liquid form <guzzled my soda before I could stop him> Synonyms belt (down), gulp, drink, hoist, imbibe, knock back, pound (down), quaff, sip, slug (down), slurp, sup, swig, swill, toss (down or off)Related Words lap, lick, suck; consume, down, ingurgitate, kill, mouth (down), put away; nip, tipple; pledge, toast, wine

  2. 2 to partake excessively of alcoholic beverages <teenagers sneaking out to guzzle in the woods> Synonyms bib, booze, drink, liquor (up), lush (up) [slang], soak, tippleRelated Words carouse, revel; imbibe, nipNear Antonyms abstain

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