Definition of MEND

to put into good shape or working order again <that shirt will be as good as new when I'm finished mending it>
to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness <she's mending after a particularly nasty bout of the flu>
to restore to a healthy condition <mended the broken plant so that it was soon thriving again>
to make up for (an offense) <the proverb least said, soonest mended should be heeded by anyone tempted to angrily blurt out things they really don't mean>
Synonyms atone (for), mend, redeem
to change one's behavior or character for the better <everyone's written her off as a liar and a thief, but I say it's never too late to mend>
Synonyms amend, mend, shape up, straighten (up or out)
Related Words behave, regenerate; better, improve
Near Antonyms backslide, regress
to bring about recovery from <the old adage that only time can mend a broken heart>
Synonyms heal, mend, remedy

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