Definition of REDEEM

to do what is required by the terms of <the Little League coach redeemed his promise to take the players out for ice cream if they improved their fielding over the season>
Synonyms answer, complete, comply (with), fill, keep, meet, redeem, satisfy
to free from captivity or punishment by paying a price <the government has consistently refused to redeem hostages captured by terrorists>
Synonyms redeem
to free from the penalties or consequences of sin <the belief that sinners are redeemed by their faith in God>
Synonyms deliver, redeem
to make better in behavior or character <the unfaithful husband made a determined effort to redeem himself in the eyes of his wife and children>
to make up for (an offense) <quickly redeemed the offending remark with a sincere and unconditional apology>
Synonyms atone (for), mend, redeem

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