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Synonyms and Antonyms of recompense

  1. 1 payment to another for a loss or injury <the jury awarded an additional $5,000 in recompense for physical pain and suffering> Synonyms damages, indemnification, indemnity, quittance, compensation, recoupment, redress, remuneration, reparation, reprisal(s), requital, restitution, satisfactionRelated Words punitive damage, solatium; amends, atonement, expiation; refund, reimbursement, repayment; adjustment, settlement; punishment, retaliation

  2. 2 something (as money) that is given or received in return for goods or services <the volunteer expects nothing more than sincere thanks as recompense for his efforts> Synonyms compensation, consideration, pay, payment, remittance, remuneration, requitalRelated Words salary, stipend, wage(s); disbursement, expenditure, outlay; rebate, refund; indemnity, recoupment, redress, reparation, restitution; adjustment, settlement; deposit; reimbursement, repayment; prepayment; overpayment; rent, rental



Synonyms and Antonyms of recompense

  1. 1 to give (someone) the sum of money owed for goods or services received <the cash-strapped museum can recompense lecturers with only token honorariums> Synonyms compensate, pay, remunerateRelated Words refund, reimburse, repay, requite; remit; pay off, pay up, prepayNear Antonyms stiff

  2. 2 to give what is owed for <that company still needs to recompense the work that the contractor finished last month> Synonyms ante up, balance, clear, discharge, foot, liquidate, meet, pay off, pay up, pony up, quit, pay, settle, spring (for), standAntonyms repudiate

  3. 3 to provide (someone) with a just payment for loss or injury <the government has yet to adequately recompense the property owners for the land taken for the new highway> Synonyms indemnify, compensate, recoup, remunerate, requite, satisfyRelated Words refund, reimburse, repay; redress, remedy, repair; discharge, pay, quit

  4. 4 to make a return for <the wealthy gentleman told the poor little girl she could recompense his generosity simply by enjoying her new toys> Synonyms reciprocate, repay, requiteRelated Words exchange; compensate, indemnify, pay, recoup, remunerate, satisfy; give back, refund, reimburse, restitute; avenge, get back (at), retaliate, revengeNear Antonyms owe

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