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Synonyms and Antonyms of fund

  1. 1 to furnish (as an institution) with a regular source of income <her will funded a new science center for her beloved alma mater> Synonyms finance, endow, subsidizeRelated Words establish, found, organize; bequeath, contribute, donate, subscribe, support, underwrite; award, grant; back, promote, sponsor; capitalize, invest (in)Near Antonyms draw, receive; subsistAntonyms defund, disendow

  2. 2 to provide money for <Dad advised me to get a job because he wasn't going to fund my social life forever> Synonyms bankroll, capitalize, endow, finance, stake, subsidize, underwriteRelated Words grubstake; cofinance, refinance; advocate, aid, back, champion, endorse (also indorse), patronize, sponsor, support; maintain, nourish, provide (for); clear, defray, discharge, foot, liquidate, pay, pay off, pay up, quit, recompense, settle, spring (for), stand; refundAntonyms defund



Synonyms and Antonyms of fund

  1. 1 a sum of money set aside for a particular purpose <our club has a fund for parties—which we like to have as often as possible> Synonyms account, budget, deposit, kitty, nest egg, pool Related Words chest, coffer(s); assets, savings, savings account; bankroll, cache, collection, cushion, hoard, pocketbook, reserve, treasure; petty cash, pin money, pocket money, spending money

  2. 2 funds pl  available money <my funds were a little low, so I asked my favorite lending institution—Dad—for a small advance on my first paycheck> Synonyms bankroll, coffers, exchequer, finances, pocket, resources, wherewithal Related Words shirt; bread [slang], cash, chips, currency, dough, gold, jack [slang], legal tender, lucre, pelf, scratch [slang], tender, wampum; assets, capital, deep pockets, fortune, means, opulence, riches, roll, substance, wealth; purse, treasury; cash flow; financing Near Antonyms debts, liabilities; indebtedness

  3. 3 the number of individuals or amount of something available at any given time <we have a deep fund of volunteers to call on when there is an unexpected need for help> Synonyms budget, force, supply, inventory, pool, repertoire, reservoir, stockRelated Words reserve, resource; cache, hoard, stockpile; refill, renewal, replacement; kitty, nest egg, pot, purse; fountain, mine, source, spring, well, wellspring

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