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Synonyms and Antonyms of JACK

slang  something (as pieces of stamped metal or printed paper) customarily and legally used as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment <I'd buy that watch, but I don't have the jack right now>
Synonyms bread [slang], bucks, cabbage [slang], cash, change, chips, coin, currency, dough, gold, green, jack [slang], kale [slang], legal tender, lolly [British], long green [slang], loot, lucre, moola (or moolah) [slang], needful, pelf, scratch [slang], shekels (also sheqels or shekelim or shekalim or sheqalim), tender, wampum
a piece of cloth with a special design that is used as an emblem or for signaling <a Portuguese ship flying the national jack>
Synonyms banderole (or banderol), banner, colors, ensign, guidon, jack, pendant (also pendent) [chiefly British], pennant, pennon, standard, streamer
an adult male human being <hey, jack, can you spare some change?>
Synonyms bastard, bloke [chiefly British], buck, cat, chap [chiefly British], chappie [British], dude, fella, fellow, galoot [slang], gent, gentleman, guy, hombre, jack, joe, joker, lad, male
Related Words master, mister, sir; buddy, buster
one who operates or navigates a seagoing vessel <the streets of the old seaport were once full of jacks, harlots, and other dockside denizens>
the total of the bets at stake at one time <tension was mounting as the jack was getting bigger by the minute>
Synonyms jack, jackpot, pool
Related Words fund, kitty; bet, stake, wager
a person whose job is to cut down trees <we'll need to hire more jacks to get this forest cleared before winter>
Synonyms jack, logger, lumberman
Related Words lumberer; sawyer; forester


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