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Synonyms and Antonyms of subscribe

  1. 1 to give or express one's approval (as to a proposal) <promised that as president he would never subscribe to the use of torture as an interrogation method, regardless of the circumstances> Synonyms acquiesce, agree, assent, come round, consent, accedeRelated Words adopt, embrace, espouse; abide, bear (with), endure, stand, suffer, tolerate; stomach, swallow, take; bow, knuckle under, relent, submit, succumb, yieldNear Antonyms rebuff, refuse, reject, scorn, spurn; deny, gainsayAntonyms dissent

  2. 2 to write one's name on (as a document) <they dutifully subscribed several dozen forms at the mortgage closing> Synonyms autograph, ink, signRelated Words sign up; cosign, countersign, endorse (also indorse), register, sign on; inscribe; author, pen, pencil (in), scratch (out), scrawl, scribble; notarize

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