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Synonyms and Antonyms of agree

  1. 1 to have or come to the same opinion or point of view <My husband and I agree on just about every aspect of child-rearing> Synonyms coincide, concur Related Words accede (to), accept, acquiesce, assent (to), comply (with), consent (to), go (by), subscribe; affiliate, ally, associate, unite; collaborate, cooperate, get along, get on Phrases see eye to eye Near Antonyms clash, collide, conflict; bicker, counter, dispute, dissent, diverge, fall out, object, oppose, protest, quarrel, resist, rival; dissociate, separate, split Antonyms differ, disagree

  2. 2 to come to an arrangement as to a course of action <since we couldn't agree, we tossed a coin to decide the matter> Synonyms bargain, contract, covenant Related Words come around, come round; subscribe, underwrite; arrange, settle Phrases come to terms, strike a bargain Near Antonyms differ, dissent; cancel, renege, revoke; argue, contest, dispute, object Antonyms disagree

  3. 3 to accept the truth or existence of (something) usually reluctantly <finally agreed that the paint job was sloppy and would have to be redone> Synonyms acknowledge, admit, allow, concede, confess, fess (up), grant, own (up to)Related Words disburden, unburden, unload; affirm, avow, confirm, profess; accept, recognize, yield; announce, break, broadcast, communicate, declare, disclose, divulge, impart, proclaim, publish, reveal, spill, tell, unveil; betray, blab, expose, give away, inform, leak, rat, squeal, talk, tattle, tip (off), warn, wise (up); breathe, say, whisperNear Antonyms disallow, disavow, disclaim, disown; contradict, dispute, gainsay, negate, negative; rebut, refute, reject, repudiate; conceal, cover (up), hide, obscure, veil; kid (oneself)Antonyms deny

  4. 4 to be in agreement on every point <the robber's story didn't agree with the cop's report on the incident> Synonyms accord, check, answer, chord, cohere, coincide, comport, conform, consist, correspond, dovetail, fit, go, harmonize, jibe, rhyme (also rime), sort, square, tallyRelated Words equal, match, parallel; align (also aline), line up, registerNear Antonyms contradict, dispute, gainsay; negate, nullify; clash, conflict, jarAntonyms differ (from), disagree (with)

  5. 5 to form a pleasing relationship <this warm climate seems to agree with you> Synonyms harmonize, assort, blend, chime, chime in, conform, consort, coordinate, grooveRelated Words balance, correlate, correspond, dovetail, hang together, match; meet, parallel; bond, coalesce, cohere, conjoin, fuse, merge, square, tallyNear Antonyms contradict, contrast, counter, differ, diverge, jar; cancel (out), counteract, negate, offsetAntonyms clash, collide, conflict

  6. 6 to give or express one's approval (as to a proposal) <we'll have to get the author to agree to the revisions before the article can be published> Synonyms acquiesce, accede, assent, come round, consent, subscribeRelated Words adopt, embrace, espouse; abide, bear (with), endure, stand, suffer, tolerate; stomach, swallow, take; bow, knuckle under, relent, submit, succumb, yieldNear Antonyms rebuff, refuse, reject, scorn, spurn; deny, gainsayAntonyms dissent

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