Synonyms and Antonyms of AGREE

to have or come to the same opinion or point of view <My husband and I agree on just about every aspect of child-rearing>
Synonyms coincide, concur
Phrases see eye to eye
Antonyms differ, disagree
to come to an arrangement as to a course of action <since we couldn't agree, we tossed a coin to decide the matter>
Phrases come to terms, strike a bargain
Antonyms disagree
to accept the truth or existence of (something) usually reluctantly <finally agreed that the paint job was sloppy and would have to be redone>
Synonyms acknowledge, agree, allow, concede, confess, fess (up), grant, own (up to)
Antonyms deny
to be in agreement on every point <the robber's story didn't agree with the cop's report on the incident>
Related Words equal, match, parallel; align (also aline), line up, register
Antonyms differ (from), disagree (with)
to form a pleasing relationship <this warm climate seems to agree with you>
to give or express one's approval (as to a proposal) <we'll have to get the author to agree to the revisions before the article can be published>
Near Antonyms rebuff, refuse, reject, scorn, spurn; deny, gainsay
Antonyms dissent


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