Synonyms and Antonyms of BLAB

to engage in casual or rambling conversation <frequently calls her best friend and blabs for an hour>
Synonyms babble, blab, cackle, chaffer [British], chatter, chin [slang], converse, gab, gabble, gas, jabber, jaw, kibitz (also kibbitz), natter, palaver, patter, prate, prattle, rap, rattle, run on, schmooze (or shmooze), talk, twitter, visit
Related Words gossip, tattle; descant, discuss, expatiate; yak (also yack), yammer, yap
to relate sometimes questionable or secret information of a personal nature <he blabs a lot, so never share a secret with him>
Synonyms blab, dish, talk, tattle, wag
Near Antonyms clam up, shut up


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