verb \ˌkr-ə-ˈspänd, ˌkär-\

: to be similar or equal to something

: to have a direct relationship to or with something

: to write to someone or to each other

Full Definition of CORRESPOND

intransitive verb
a :  to be in conformity or agreement <the ideal failed … to correspond with the reality — J. R. Sutherland>
b :  to compare closely :  match —usually used with to or with
c :  to be equivalent or parallel
:  to communicate with a person by exchange of letters

Examples of CORRESPOND

  1. In some countries, the role of president corresponds to that of prime minister.
  2. the joints on a horse that correspond to the human knees
  3. Each number corresponds to a location on the map.
  4. We'll revise the schedule to correspond with the school calendar.


Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French correspondre, from Medieval Latin correspondēre, from Latin com- + respondēre to respond
First Known Use: 1529


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