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Synonyms and Antonyms of pick

  1. 1 a person or thing that is chosen <that team is my pick to win the Super Bowl> Synonyms bet, chosen, choice, selectionRelated Words favorite, like, liking, preference; elective, option; appointment, designation, nomination; appointee, candidate, nominee, selectee; preselectionAntonyms rejectee

  2. 2 individuals carefully selected as being the best of a class <the pick of the contestants will go on to the next competition> Synonyms A-list, aristocracy, best, choice, corps d'elite, cream, crème de la crème, elect, fat, flower, illuminati, elite, pink, pride, priesthood, prime, royalty, upper crustRelated Words establishment, gentry, nobility, quality, society, top, top drawer, upper class; caviar (also caviare); who's whoNear Antonyms commoners, herd, hoi polloi, masses, millions, mob, multitude, rank and file, unwashed

  3. 3 the power, right, or opportunity to choose <you have first pick of your office mates for the softball team> Synonyms alternative, discretion, druthers [dialect], election, liberty, option, choice, preference, selection, volition, wayRelated Words determination, free will, will; say, voice, vote; inclination, liking, partiality, penchant, predilection, proclivity, propensity, tendency; discernment, judgment (or judgement), perspicacityNear Antonyms coercion, duress, force; duty, obligation; Hobson's choice

  4. 4 a hard strike with a part of the body or an instrument <in the days when corporal punishment was permissible, it was not uncommon for an inattentive student to get a sharp pick in the head with a blackboard pointer> Synonyms bang, bash, bat, beat, belt, biff, bop, box, buffet, bust, chop, clap, clip, clout, crack, cuff, dab, douse [British], fillip, hack, haymaker, hit, hook, knock, larrup [dialect], lash, lick, pelt, {h,1}blow, plump, poke, pound, punch, rap, slam, slap, slug, smack, smash, sock, spank, stinger, stripe, stroke, swat, swipe, switch, thud, thump, thwack, wallop, welt, whack, wham, whop (also whap)Related Words counter, counterblow, counterpunch, counterstroke; body blow, hand, kick, knee, left, one-two, rabbit punch, right, right-hander, roundhouse, shiver, sidewinder, sucker punch, swing, uppercut; cruncher, kayo, knockdown, knockout, KO; bastinado (or bastinade), battering, beating, bludgeoning, clobbering, cudgeling (or cudgelling), drubbing, hammering, lambasting, licking, pasting, pounding, pummeling (also pummelling), thrashing; flogging, walloping, whip, whipping



Synonyms and Antonyms of pick

  1. 1 to catch or collect (a crop or natural resource) for human use <pick peas and beans from the garden for dinner> Synonyms gather, harvest, reapRelated Words clam, fish, seal, shrimp, whale; accumulate, forage, garner; glean; cut, hay, mow; bag, capture, hunt, net, snare, trap; crop, grow, raiseNear Antonyms plant, seed, sow

  2. 2 to decide to accept (someone or something) from a group of possibilities <I pick you as my partner> Synonyms cherry-pick, cull, elect, handpick, name, opt (for), choose, prefer, select, single (out), tag, takeRelated Words preselect; appoint, designate, fix, mark, nominate, set, tab, tap; accept, adopt, embrace, espouse; settle (on or upon)Near Antonyms disapprove, negative, repudiate, spurn; discard, jettison, throw away, throw outAntonyms decline, refuse, reject, turn down

  3. 3 to bring (something volatile or intense) into being <he seems to be trying to pick a fight> Synonyms abet, brew, ferment, foment, instigate, incite, provoke, raise, stir (up), whip (up)Related Words advance, cultivate, encourage, forward, foster, further, nourish, nurture, promote, sow, stimulate; detonate, set, set off, trigger; excite, galvanize, inflame (also enflame), inspire, motivate, rouse; activate, energize, enliven, fire, invigorate, jazz (up), liven (up), pep (up), quicken, stimulate, vitalizeNear Antonyms bridle, check, constrain, curb, discourage, hold, inhibit, regulate, rein (in), restrain, tame; allay, calm, quiet, settle, soothe, still, subdue, tranquilize (also tranquillize)

  4. 4 to eat reluctantly and in small bites <still suffering from the shock of his wife's death, he could do no more than pick halfheartedly at his food> Synonyms peck, nibbleRelated Words graze, nosh, snack; tasteNear Antonyms gorge, gormandize, overeat, pig out, swill

  5. 5 to penetrate or hold (something) with a pointed object <continued to pick the block of ice until she was able to extract the shrimp> Synonyms gore, harpoon, jab, lance, peck, impale, pierce, pink, puncture, run through, skewer, spear, spike, spit, stab, stick, transfix, transpierceRelated Words spindle; perforate, riddle; bayonet, dirk, gimlet, pike, poniard, prong, quill; pinprick, poke, prick, punch, thrust; cut, knife, slice

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a timid, meek, or unassertive person

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