Definition of CULTIVATE

to come to have gradually <cultivated a taste for opera in order to fit in with his new circle of friends>
Near Antonyms abandon, desert, forsake; cast, discard, ditch, dump, fling (off or away), jettison, junk, reject, scrap, shed, shuck (off), slough (also sluff), throw away, throw out, unload
Antonyms lose
to help the growth or development of <cultivated a passion for learning among his students over the years>
to look after or assist the growth of by labor and care <in an attempt to produce New World counterparts of the wines that he had enjoyed in Europe, Jefferson cultivated several varieties of grapes at Monticello>
Near Antonyms kill; dig, extirpate, pick, pluck, pull (up), uproot; cut, hay, mow
to work by plowing, sowing, and raising crops on <we ought to cultivate the field out back>
Synonyms cultivate, tend, till
Related Words crop, plant; harvest, reap; harrow, hoe; sharecrop

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