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Synonyms and Antonyms of propagate

  1. 1 to bring forth offspring <the dams along the river are interfering with the salmon's ability to propagate> Synonyms breed, multiply, procreate, reproduceRelated Words bear, beget, engender, gender, generate, get, have, mother, parent, produce, sire; hatch, spawn

  2. 2 to cause to be known over a considerable area or by many people <the various ways in which churches can propagate the faith> Synonyms broadcast, circulate, disseminate, spreadRelated Words radiate, sprawl; diffuse, dispense, disperse, dissipate, scatter, sow; communicate, convey, impart, pass (on), transmitNear Antonyms cloak, conceal, enshroud, hide, hold (in), mask, obscure, secrete, shroud, veil; contain, limit, restrict

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