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Synonyms and Antonyms of mimic

  1. 1 being such in appearance only and made with or manufactured from usually cheaper materials <police were concerned that the mimic gun, although intended only as a toy, might be confused with the real thing in certain situations> Synonyms artificial, bogus, dummy, ersatz, factitious, fake, false, faux, imitative, man-made, imitation, mock, pretend, sham, simulated, substitute, syntheticRelated Words cultured, manufactured, process; unauthentic; adulterated, designer, doctored, engineered, fudged, juggled, manipulated, tampered (with); concocted, fabricated; counterfeit, deceptive, forged, fraudulent, misleading, phony (also phoney); affected, brummagem, feigned, pinchbeck, pseudo, spuriousNear Antonyms authentic, bona fide, legitimate, true; premium, quality, valuable; pure, unadulteratedAntonyms genuine, natural, real

  2. 2 using or marked by the use of something else as a basis or model <a mimic battle fought by kids playing around in the schoolyard> Synonyms apish, canned, emulative, epigonic (or epigonous), formulaic, mimetic, imitative, slavish, unoriginalRelated Words copied, cribbed, plagiarized; artificial, bogus, factitious, fake, false, imitation, man-made, mock, sham, simulated, substitute, synthetic; duplicated, photocopied, reduplicated, reproduced, transcribed; backup; counterfeit, deceptive, forged, fraudulent, misleading; cut-and-dried (also cut-and-dry), perfunctory, routine, uninspiredNear Antonyms authentic, bona fide, legitimate, true; genuine, natural, real; classic, ideal, modelAntonyms archetypal (also archetypical), original



Synonyms and Antonyms of mimic

  1. 1 a person who imitates another's voice and mannerisms for comic effect <a gifted mimic who can do a terrific imitation of anyone's voice> Synonyms imitator, impersonator, impressionist, personator Related Words burlesquer, caricaturist, lampooner, mocker, parodist, satirist; mime, mimer, mummer, pantomime, pantomimist; actor, entertainer, performer, player, trouper; ape, copycat, echo, parrot, rubber stamp

  2. 2 an actor in a story performed silently and entirely by body movements <a mimic in black clothes and white facial makeup> Synonyms mime, mummer, pantomime, pantomimistRelated Words busker [chiefly British], entertainer, performer, player, trouper; aper, imitator, impersonator, impressionist; clown, pantaloon



Synonyms and Antonyms of mimic

  1. 1 to copy or exaggerate (someone or something) in order to make fun of <the comedian was famous for mimicking the President's distinctive lisp> Synonyms burlesque, caricature, do, imitate, mock, parody, send up, spoof, travesty Related Words lampoon, pasquinade, satirize; deride, gibe (or jibe), ridicule; ape, copycat, monkey, parrot; duplicate, emulate, replicate, reproduce; act, counterfeit, dissemble, fake, feign, pretend, sham, simulate; elaborate, embellish, embroider, exaggerate, magnify, pad, play up, stretch; amplify, enhance, enlarge (on or upon), expand, flesh (out), overdraw, overstate, put on; mime, pantomime; impersonate, perform, personate, play

  2. 2 to use (someone or something) as the model for one's speech, mannerisms, or behavior <began to learn their language by mimicking the sounds they made> Synonyms ape, copy, copycat, emulate, mime, imitateRelated Words ditto, echo, reecho, repeat; burlesque, caricature, lampoon, mock, parody, travesty; impersonate, perform, play; pantomime

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