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Synonyms and Antonyms of impersonate

  1. 1 to pretend to be (what one is not) in appearance or behavior <a school intruder was caught trying to impersonate a teacher> Synonyms act, masquerade (as), personate, play, pose (as) Related Words ape, copy, imitate, mime, mimic, mock, monkey, parody, travesty; perform, portray

  2. 2 to present a portrayal or performance of <interpreters at the living history museum impersonate figures who are known to have actually lived in the colonial town> Synonyms do, act, interpret, perform, play, portrayRelated Words depict, dramatize, render, represent; act out, enact, pantomime, playact, role-play, take on; overact, overplay, underplay; ape, clown, ham, imitate, masquerade, mime, mimic, pose (as); star (in); coact, costar

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