Definition of ENCLOSE

to close or shut in by or as if by barriers <dogs who spend the day enclosed in small cages>
Synonyms box (in), cage, closet, coop (up), corral, encage, encase, envelop, fence (in), hedge, hem (in), house, immure, include, mew (up), pen, wall (in)
to form a circle around <in a show of support, the women rushed to enclose their distraught friend>
Related Words circumscribe, close in, cordon (off), fence (in), hem (in), wall; beset, besiege, entrench (also intrench), invest, swarm
to surround or cover closely <the house was enclosed by a high hedge that shielded it from public view>
Near Antonyms bare, denude, expose, strip

Variants of ENCLOSE

enclose also inclose

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