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verb en·close \in-ˈklōz, en-\

: to surround (something)

: to put something around (something)

: to include (something) with a letter or in a package

Full Definition of ENCLOSE

transitive verb
a (1) :  to close in :  surround <enclose a porch with glass> (2) :  to fence off (common land) for individual use
b :  to hold in :  confine
:  to include along with something else in a parcel or envelope <a check is enclosed herewith>

Variants of ENCLOSE

en·close also in·close \in-\

Examples of ENCLOSE

  1. The pie's flaky crust encloses a fruit filling.
  2. Enclose the fish in foil and bake.
  3. She enclosed a photo with the card.
  4. Please enclose a check with your application.
  5. Enclosed with this letter are the tickets you ordered.

Origin of ENCLOSE

Middle English, probably from enclos enclosed, from Anglo-French, past participle of enclore to enclose, from Vulgar Latin *inclaudere, alteration of Latin includere — more at include
First Known Use: 14th century
ENCLOSE Defined for Kids


verb en·close \in-ˈklōz\

Definition of ENCLOSE for Kids

:  to close in :  surround <The porch is enclosed with glass.>
:  to hold in :  confine <He enclosed the animals in a pen.>
:  to put in the same package or envelope with something else

Synonym Discussion of ENCLOSE

enclose, envelop, and fence mean to surround something and close it off. enclose is used of putting up barriers (as walls) or a cover around something so as to give it protection or privacy. <A high hedge encloses the garden.> envelop is used of surrounding something completely by a soft layer or covering to hide or protect it. <Clouds enveloped the peaks of the mountains.> fence is used of surrounding something with or as if with a fence so that nothing may enter or leave. <A stone wall fences in the yard.>


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