verb \in-ˈklōz, en-\

: to surround (something)

: to put something around (something)

: to include (something) with a letter or in a package

Full Definition of ENCLOSE

transitive verb
a (1) :  to close in :  surround <enclose a porch with glass> (2) :  to fence off (common land) for individual use
b :  to hold in :  confine
:  to include along with something else in a parcel or envelope <a check is enclosed herewith>

Variants of ENCLOSE

en·close also in·close \in-\

Examples of ENCLOSE

  1. The pie's flaky crust encloses a fruit filling.
  2. Enclose the fish in foil and bake.
  3. She enclosed a photo with the card.
  4. Please enclose a check with your application.
  5. Enclosed with this letter are the tickets you ordered.

Origin of ENCLOSE

Middle English, probably from enclos enclosed, from Anglo-French, past participle of enclore to enclose, from Vulgar Latin *inclaudere, alteration of Latin includere — more at include
First Known Use: 14th century


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