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Synonyms and Antonyms of gird

  1. an act or expression showing scorn and usually intended to hurt another's feelings <in her farewell speech, the departing governor got in some retaliatory girds at the media> Synonyms affront, barb, brickbat, cut, dart, dig, dis (also diss) [slang], epithet, insult, indignity, name, offense (or offence), outrage, personality, poke, put-down, sarcasm, slap, slight, slurRelated Words catcall, gibe (or jibe), jeer, mock, quip, sneer, taunt; abuse, invective, vituperation; disapproval, opprobrium; disgrace, dishonor, shame; attack, criticism, knock, slam, swipe; torment, tortureNear Antonyms accolade, commendation, compliment; acclaim, applause, praise; adulation, flattery



Synonyms and Antonyms of gird

  1. 1 to encircle or bind with or as if with a belt <for the celebration of the heroes' return, well-wishers girded hundreds of trees with yellow ribbons> <she girded her waist with a delicate sash> Synonyms band, begird, belt, engird [archaic], engirdle, enwind, girdle, girt, girth, wrap Related Words tie up, truss; circle, enwreathe, loop, wind, wreathe; bandage, enswathe, swathe; chain, cord, enchain, lash, rope, shackle, tape, wire Near Antonyms unbind, unlash, unshackle, untie, unwind Antonyms ungird, unwrap

  2. 2 to provide (someone) with what is needed for a task or activity <the Spartan warrior girded himself for battle with sword and shield> Synonyms accoutre (or accouter), equip, fit (out), furnish, kit (up or out) [chiefly British], outfit, provision, rig, supplyRelated Words stock, store; bestow, contribute, donate, give, present; apportion, deal (out), dispense, distribute, dole out, hand out, mete (out), parcel (out), portion, prorate; allocate, allot, assign; arm, fortify, prepare; reequip, refit, refurnish, reoutfitNear Antonyms deprive, dispossess, divest, strip

  3. 3 to form a circle around <a tall hedge girds the exclusive estate and shields it from prying eyes> Synonyms circle, compass, embrace, encircle, enclose (also inclose), encompass, environ, surround, girdle, ring, wreatheRelated Words circumscribe, close in, cordon (off), fence (in), hem (in), wall; beset, besiege, entrench (also intrench), invest, swarm

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February 12, 2016

of, relating to, or suggestive of marble

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