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Synonyms and Antonyms of present

  1. 1 existing or in progress right now <I am very busy at the present moment> Synonyms current, extant, immediate, instant, ongoing, present-day Related Words contemporary, mod, modern, modernistic, new, newfangled, new-fashioned, recent, red-hot, space-age, supermodern, ultramodern, up-to-date; being, breathing, existent, existing, living Near Antonyms coming, future, unborn; completed, concluded, done, ended, finished, over, terminated, through, up; ancient, antediluvian, antiquated, antique, archaic, dated, fusty, musty, noncontemporary, obsolete, old, oldfangled, old-fashioned, old-time, out-of-date, outworn, passé; ago, bygone, erstwhile, former, past

  2. 2 being within the confines of a specified place <all of you are required to be present for every meeting> Synonyms attending, in Related Words accompanying, observing, participating; available; abounding; latent; breathing, existent, existing, extant, live Phrases at hand, in attendance, on hand Near Antonyms departed, gone, retired; nonexistent; AWOL, truant; dead, deceased, defunct, demised; lost, vanished; belated, delayed, delinquent, late, overdue, tardy Antonyms absent, away, missing, out



Synonyms and Antonyms of present

  1. the time currently existing or in progress <I cannot talk to you at present, but perhaps in a few minutes> Synonyms here and now, moment, now, today Related Words phase, stage, state Near Antonyms history, past, yesterday, yesteryear, yore; by-and-by, future, futurity, hereafter, offing, tomorrow



Synonyms and Antonyms of present

  1. something given to someone without expectation of a return <an impressive array of presents for the bride and groom> Synonyms bestowal, comp, donation, donative, fairing [British], freebie (or freebee), giveaway, handsel, lagniappe, largesse (also largess), present, presentationRelated Words alms, benefaction, beneficence, benevolence, charity, contribution, dole, handout, oblation, offering, philanthropy, tithe; box [British], care package, foy [chiefly Scottish]; grant, subsidy; remembrance, tribute, valentine; bonus, boon, windfall; courtesy, favor, generosity, sacrifice; gratuity, propine [Scottish], tip; award, prize, reward; dowry; bequest, legacyNear Antonyms advance, loan; bribe, douceur, peace offering, sop



Synonyms and Antonyms of present

  1. 1 to bring before the public in performance or exhibition <we will present a performance of Our Town tomorrow evening> Synonyms carry, give, mount, offer, stage Related Words display, exhibit, expose, parade, show, show off, unveil; preview; act, impersonate, perform, play, portray; depict, dramatize, enact, render, represent; extend, proffer, tender Phrases come out with

  2. 2 to make (one person) known (to another) socially <may I present my niece Sarah?> Synonyms acquaint, introduceRelated Words address, greet, hail, meet; reacquaint, reintroduce

  3. 3 to make a present of <the company presented a gold watch to him on the occasion of his retirement> Synonyms bestow, contribute, donate, give away, give, volunteerRelated Words chip in, kick in, pitch in, throw in; award, confer, endow, endue (or indue), render; afford, comp, furnish, provide; lavish, regale; aid, assist, benefit, help; administer, dish out, dispense, dole out, hand out, impart, issue, mete (out); extend, fork (over, out, or up), offer, pay, proffer, pungle (up), put up, tender; sacrificeNear Antonyms hold, keep, pocket, retain, withhold; preserve, save; advance, lend, loan; sell

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