verb \i-ˈnā-bəl\

: to make (someone or something) able to do or to be something

: to make (something) possible, practical, or easy

: to cause (a feature or capability of a computer) to be active or available for use

en·ableden·abling \-b(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of ENABLE

transitive verb
a :  to provide with the means or opportunity <training that enables people to earn a living>
b :  to make possible, practical, or easy <a deal that would enable passage of a new law>
c :  to cause to operate <software that enables the keyboard>
:  to give legal power, capacity, or sanction to <a law enabling admission of a state>

Examples of ENABLE

  1. The machine enables us to create copies without losing quality.
  2. The system enables students to access class materials online.
  3. These choices are part of what enabled the company to be successful.
  4. a filing system that enables easy access to information
  5. Be sure to enable your computer's firewall.

First Known Use of ENABLE

15th century


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