Definition of FACE

the front part of the head <the criminal hid his face from the news cameras as he slumped into the patrol car>
Synonyms countenance, kisser [slang], mug, pan [slang], puss [slang], visage
a forward part or surface <the face of the store building has been altered many times over the years to meet changing tastes and needs>
Synonyms exterior, facade (also façade), face, forehead, forepart
Related Words outside, skin, surface, veneer
Near Antonyms innards, inside, interior
a twisting of the facial features in disgust or disapproval <it's rude to make a face when your dinner hostess offers you broccoli>
Synonyms face, frown, lower (also lour), moue, mouth, mow, mug, pout, scowl, snoot
Near Antonyms grin, laugh, smile
an outer part or layer <a much-needed sandblasting revealed that the face of the old stone church is actually a pinkish granite>
Related Words facade (also façade), front, top; cover, covering, facing; appearance, disguise, guise, mask, semblance, show
Antonyms inside, interior
facial appearance regarded as an indication of mood or feeling <a rainy day is no excuse for just moping around with a long face, so let's do something>
outward and often deceptive indication <on the face of it, the country went to war for noble reasons>
a member of the human race <I see they've hired some new faces>
Near Antonyms animal, beast, beastie, brute, critter

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