Synonyms and Antonyms of DEFY

to go against the commands, prohibitions, or rules of <in those days a woman was brave if she defied fashion and wore white after Labor Day>
Synonyms defy, mock, rebel (against)
Near Antonyms capitulate (to), concede (to), defer (to), goose-step (to), serve, stoop (to), submit (to), surrender (to), yield (to); cooperate (with); keep, observe; accede (to), acquiesce (to), agree (to), assent (to), oblige; attend, hear, heed, listen (to), mark, note, notice, regard, watch
Antonyms comply (with), conform (to), follow, mind, obey
to invite (someone) to take part in a contest or to perform a feat <after missing the target, she defied her boyfriend to do better>
Synonyms dare, defy, stump
to oppose (something hostile or dangerous) with firmness or courage <a rescue team willing to defy the raging storm>
Near Antonyms avoid, eschew, shun; elude, escape, evade, shake
to refuse to give in to <a bicyclist who regularly defies illness and infirmity in order to compete in races>
Antonyms bow (to), capitulate (to), give in (to), knuckle under (to), stoop (to), submit (to), succumb (to), surrender (to), yield (to)


July 04, 2015
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