Definition of SERVE

to be a servant for <he served his master faithfully for 20 years>
Synonyms slave (for), work (for)
Related Words attend, minister (to), tend (to)
Phrases dance attendance (upon), wait on (also wait upon)
to be enough <they made the pasta serve for eight guests>
Synonyms do, suffice
to be fitting or proper <those old riding boots will serve for now, but you'll need newer ones for the horse show>
Synonyms befit, beseem [archaic], fit [archaic], go, serve, suit
Related Words satisfy, suffice; function, work
to behave toward in a stated way <my parents served me well in preparing me for life>
Synonyms act (toward), be (to), deal (with), handle, serve, use
Related Words consider, esteem, rate, reckon, regard, view; engage (with), react (to), respond (to)
to have a certain purpose <the harsh punishment served to teach everyone a lesson>
Synonyms act, perform, serve, work
to provide with something useful or desirable <an excellent college that served her with the skills necessary to make it in today's job market>

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