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noun fa·cade \fə-ˈsäd\

Simple Definition of facade

  • : the front of a building

  • : a way of behaving or appearing that gives other people a false idea of your true feelings or situation

Full Definition of facade

  1. 1 :  the front of a building; also :  any face of a building given special architectural treatment <a museum's east facade>

  2. 2 :  a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect

Examples of facade

  1. “I mean, don't you find yourself being extra careful about what you say and how you say it? As if you have to be this phony, put on a facade, because you don't want to give them the wrong impression?” —Terry McMillan, Waiting to Exhale, 1992

  2. When I watched him in motion picture roles after the war, I knew there was something of honest substance behind that acting façade. —Andrew A. Rooney, And More by Andy Rooney, (1979) 1982

  3. … but his magic power of concentration was gone. All the façades he built up between himself and his desperate love never entirely hid it. —May Sarton, Shadow of a Man, 1950

  4. the facade of the bank

  5. the windowless façade of the skyscraper

  6. They were trying to preserve the facade of a happy marriage.

  7. I could sense the hostility lurking behind her polite facade.

Illustration of facade

Variants of facade

also fa·çade play \fə-ˈsäd\

Origin of facade

French façade, from Italian facciata, from faccia face, from Vulgar Latin *facia

First Known Use: circa 1681

Other Architecture Terms

FACADE Defined for Kids


noun fa·cade \fə-ˈsäd\

Definition of facade

  1. :  the face or front of a building

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