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Synonyms and Antonyms of manner

  1. 1 manners pl  personal conduct or behavior as evaluated by an accepted standard of appropriateness for a social or professional setting <the young man's impeccable manners are an unmistakable sign of a good upbringing> Synonyms etiquette, form, mores, proprieties Related Words amenities, civilities, pleasantries; bearing, demeanor, deportment, mien; courtesy, decorum, mannerliness, politeness; formalities, protocol, rules; air, attitude, carriage, poise, polish, pose, posture, presence; custom, habit, pattern, practice (also practise), trick, way, wont; convention, fashion, mode, style

  2. 2 a distinctive way of putting ideas into words <the former doctor writes his novels very much in the manner of someone who is used to observing the smallest details> Synonyms fashion, locution, style, mode, phraseology, tone, veinRelated Words address, delivery, elocution; archaism, colloquialism, regionalism; acceptation, connotation, denotation, expression, idiom

  3. 3 a number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common <fish and all manner of sea life on view at the aquarium> Synonyms breed, class, description, feather, genre, ilk, kidney, kind, like, sort, nature, order, species, strain, stripe, type, varietyRelated Words model; sample, specimen; bracket, bunch, category, division, family, grade, group, grouping, lot, persuasion, rank(s), set, suite

  4. 4 the means or procedure for doing something <you happened to reach the correct answer, but the manner by which you solved the problem was all wrong> Synonyms approach, fashion, form, how, method, methodology, recipe, strategy, style, system, tack, tactics, technique, wayRelated Words mode, modus operandi; blueprint, design, game, game plan, ground plan, intrigue, layout, line, model, plan, plot, program, route, scheme; expedient, move, shift, step; practice (also practise), process, routine; policy

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