verb ap·proach \ə-ˈprōch\

: to move or become near or nearer to something or someone

: to move or become near or nearer in time to something

: to get close to (an amount or level)

Full Definition of APPROACH

transitive verb
a :  to draw closer to :  near <approach a destination>
b :  to come very near to :  be almost the same as <its mathematics approaches mysticism — Theodore Sturgeon> <as the quantity x approaches zero>
a :  to make advances to especially in order to create a desired result <was approached by several Broadway producers>
b :  to take preliminary steps toward accomplishment or full knowledge or experience of <approach the subject with an open mind>
intransitive verb
:  to draw nearer <the time is fast approaching>
:  to make an approach in golf

Examples of APPROACH

  1. The cat approached the baby cautiously.
  2. Ease off the gas pedal to slow down as the bend in the road approaches.
  3. We are approaching the end of the fiscal year.
  4. This weekend we're expecting temperatures approaching 100 degrees.
  5. The success rates approach 90 percent.
  6. He has a wild laugh that sometimes approaches hysteria.
  7. a reproduction that approaches the quality of the original painting
  8. The supervisor is quite easy to approach, so don't hesitate to bring up any problems you have.
  9. We were advised to never be too aggressive when approaching a potential client.

Origin of APPROACH

Middle English approchen, from Anglo-French aprocher, from Late Latin appropiare, from Latin ad- + prope near; akin to Latin pro before — more at for
First Known Use: 13th century



: a way of dealing with something : a way of doing or thinking about something

: the act of moving or becoming near or nearer to someone or something : the act of approaching : an act or occurrence in which something comes nearer

: the act of speaking to someone for some purpose (such as to ask a question or make a request)

Full Definition of APPROACH

a :  an act or instance of approaching <the approach of summer>
b :  approximation <in this book he makes his closest approach to greatness>
a :  the taking of preliminary steps toward a particular purpose <experimenting with new lines of approach>
b :  a particular manner of taking such steps <a highly individual approach to language>
:  a means of access :  avenue
a :  a golf shot from the fairway toward the green
b :  the steps taken by a bowler before delivering the ball; also :  the part of the alley behind the foul line from which the bowler delivers the ball
:  the descent of an aircraft toward a landing place

Examples of APPROACH

  1. trying a more healthy approach
  2. The cat made a cautious approach.
  3. The quiet afternoon was interrupted by the approach of a motorboat.
  4. A loud growl warned us of the bear's approach.
  5. With the approach of summer came longer, hotter days.

First Known Use of APPROACH

15th century


noun ap·proach \ə-ˈprōch\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of APPROACH

:  the surgical procedure by which access is gained to a bodily part
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