noun \ˈrüt, ˈrat\

: a way to get from one place to another place

: a way that someone or something regularly travels along

: a way of achieving or doing something

Full Definition of ROUTE

a :  a traveled way :  highway <the main route north>
b :  a means of access :  channel <the route to social mobility — T. F. O'Dea>
:  a line of travel :  course
a :  an established or selected course of travel or action
b :  an assigned territory to be systematically covered <a newspaper route>

Examples of ROUTE

  1. We didn't know what route to take.
  2. an escape route in case of fire
  3. a major bird migratory route
  4. You could take a different route and still arrive at the same conclusion.
  5. Take Route 2 into town.
  6. We live on a rural route.

Origin of ROUTE

Middle English, from Anglo-French rute, from Vulgar Latin *rupta (via), literally, broken way, from Latin rupta, feminine of ruptus, past participle
First Known Use: 13th century



: to send (someone or something) along a particular route


Full Definition of ROUTE

transitive verb
:  to send by a selected route :  direct <was routed along the scenic shore road>
:  to divert in a specified direction

Examples of ROUTE

  1. Traffic was routed around the accident.
  2. When the doctor is out, his calls are routed to his answering service.

First Known Use of ROUTE



noun \ˈrüt, ˈrat\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ROUTE

:  a method of transmitting a disease or of administering a remedy <the airborne route of…infection—M. L. Furcolow>
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