noun \ˈstrēt\

: a road in a city or town that has houses or other buildings on one or both sides

: a poor part of a city where there is a lot of crime

Full Definition of STREET

a :  a thoroughfare especially in a city, town, or village that is wider than an alley or lane and that usually includes sidewalks
b :  the part of a street reserved for vehicles
c :  a thoroughfare with abutting property <lives on a fashionable street>
:  the people occupying property on a street <the whole street knew about the accident>
:  a promising line of development or a channeling of effort <a crafty politician working both sides of the street> <success through compromise is a two-way street>
a :  a district (as Wall Street or Fleet Street) identified with a particular profession
b :  the people who work in such a district <doing better than the Street expected>
:  an environment (as in a depressed neighborhood or section of a city) of poverty, dereliction, or crime <grew up on the mean streets>
on the street or in the street
:  idle, homeless, or out of a job
:  out of prison :  at liberty
up one's street or down one's street
:  suited to one's abilities or taste

Examples of STREET

  1. They live on a busy street.
  2. You should look both ways before crossing the street.
  3. The police car cruised up the street.
  4. Many of our customers walk in off the street without having heard of us before.

Origin of STREET

Middle English strete, from Old English strǣt, from Late Latin strata paved road, from Latin, feminine of stratus, past participle — more at stratum
First Known Use: before 12th century



: of or relating to streets

: occurring, performing, working, or living on a street or sidewalk

: of, relating to, or characteristic of a poor part of a city where there is a lot of crime

Full Definition of STREET

:  of or relating to the streets: as
a :  adjoining or giving access to a street <the street door>
b :  carried on or taking place in the street <street fighting>
c :  living or working on the streets <a street peddler> <street people>
d :  located in, used for, or serving as a guide to the streets <a street map>
e :  performing in or heard on the street <a street band>
f (1) :  suitable for wear or use on the street <street clothes>
(2) :  not touching the ground —used of a woman's dress in lengths reaching the knee, calf, or ankle
g :  of, relating to, or characteristic of the street environment <street drugs> <used…his new street cred to develop contacts — Dale Keiger>
:  retail <the street price>

First Known Use of STREET

15th century
STREET Defined for Kids


noun \ˈstrēt\

Definition of STREET for Kids

:  a public road especially in a city, town, or village
:  the people living along a street <The whole street was excited.>
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