noun \ˈma-nər\

: the way that something is done or happens

: the way that a person normally behaves especially while with other people

manners : behavior while with other people

Full Definition of MANNER

a :  kind, sort <what manner of man is he>
b :  kinds, sorts <all manner of problems>
a (1) :  a characteristic or customary mode of acting :  custom (2) :  a mode of procedure or way of acting :  fashion (3) :  method of artistic execution or mode of presentation :  style
b plural :  social conduct or rules of conduct as shown in the prevalent customs <Victorian manners>
c :  characteristic or distinctive bearing, air, or deportment <his poised gracious manner>
d plural
(1) :  habitual conduct or deportment :  behavior <mind your manners> (2) :  good manners
e :  a distinguished or stylish air
man·ner·less \-ləs\ adjective
to the manner born
:  fitted by or as if by birth or rearing to a particular position, role, or status

Examples of MANNER

  1. She has a very forceful manner of speaking.
  2. I objected to the manner in which the decision was made.
  3. Some people have no manners.
  4. Someone should teach you some manners!
  5. He forgot his manners and reached across the table for the salt.
  6. He painted this picture in his early manner.

Origin of MANNER

Middle English manere, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *manuaria, from Latin, feminine of manuarius of the hand, from manus hand — more at manual
First Known Use: 12th century


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