noun \ˈska-nər\

: a device that reads or copies information or images into a computer

: a device that is used to see inside something

: a radio receiver that searches for a signal

Full Definition of SCANNER

:  one that scans: as
a :  a device for sensing recorded data (as in a bar code) <a supermarket scanner>
b :  a radio receiver that sequentially scans a range of frequencies for a signal
c :  a device that scans an image (as a photograph) or document (as a page of text) especially for use or storage on a computer
d :  a medical device for scanning a living body to collect diagnostic information — compare cat scanner

Examples of SCANNER

  1. a price scanner at a supermarket

First Known Use of SCANNER



noun \ˈskan-ər\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SCANNER

: a device (as a CAT scanner) for making scans of the human body


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