Synonyms and Antonyms of LINE

a series of persons or things arranged one behind another <the line for tickets stretched around the block>
a way of acting or proceeding <since the election, the president has taken a very conservative line>
the activity by which one regularly makes a living <my line of business is pre-owned vehicles, and have I got a deal for you!>
Near Antonyms avocation, hobby, pursuit
a region of activity, knowledge, or influence <advanced mathematics is a little outside of my line, but I'll see what I can do to help>
a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go <you really crossed the line with that outrageous display of bad behavior>
a long hollow cylinder for carrying a substance (as a liquid or gas) <the workers rushed to fix the leak in the gas line>
a length of braided, flexible material that is used for tying or connecting things <he made sure to bring extra fishing line in case a fish broke free>
a group of vehicles traveling together or under one management <she owns a line of limousines>
Related Words argosy, convoy, flotilla, navy; column, cortege (also cortège), parade, procession
the direction along which something or someone moves <the airplane took a southerly line toward the capital>
Synonyms course, line, pathway, route, routeway [chiefly British], steps, track, way
a group of persons who come from the same ancestor <a 10th of all island residents are members of the line of this early settler>
the line of ancestors from whom a person is descended <he comes from a noble line that goes back several centuries>
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