Synonyms and Antonyms of COLOR

a property that becomes apparent when light falls on an object and by which things that are identical in form can be distinguished <a shirt that is available in every color of the rainbow>
Near Antonyms achromatism
a substance used to color other materials <added some red color to the base paint>
Related Words tint, toner; cast, hue, shade, tinge
the hue or appearance of the skin and especially of the face <her color hasn't been good since she got sick>
Synonyms color, coloring
colors pl  a piece of cloth with a special design that is used as an emblem or for signaling <flew their country's colors atop the highest mast on the ship>
Synonyms banderole (or banderol), banner, colors, ensign, guidon, jack, pendant (also pendent) [chiefly British], pennant, pennon, standard, streamer
a rosy appearance (of the cheeks) <the stay in the country brought color to her cheeks>
Synonyms blush, color, flush
colors pl  the combined army, air force, and navy of a nation <she hopes to carry on the family tradition and serve with the colors>
Near Antonyms civilians, noncombatants
colors pl  the set of qualities that makes a person, a group of people, or a thing different from others <we saw his true colors during the emergency>
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