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Synonyms and Antonyms of define

  1. 1 to draw or make apparent the outline of <the glass skyscraper's sleek silhouette was strikingly defined by the setting sun to its west> Synonyms outline, delineate, silhouette, sketch, traceRelated Words line; bound, fringe, margin, skirt; edge, hem, rim, trim; frame; circle, compass, encircle, girdle, girth, loop, ring, round, surround; chart, diagram, draw, map (out)

  2. 2 to mark the limits of <the river defines the town on the south> Synonyms bound, circumscribe, limit, delimit, demarcate, demark, mark (off), terminateRelated Words control, determine, govern; delineate, describe

  3. 3 to point out the chief quality or qualities of an individual or group <a woman who is defined by her unswerving loyalty to her friends> Synonyms character, characterize, depict, describe, portray, representRelated Words categorize, classify, pigeonhole, type; color, identify, indicate, name, specify; distinguish, individualize, mark, particularize, stamp

  4. 4 to give the rules about (something) clearly and exactly <let me define the task so that there is no doubt in your minds about what needs to be done> Synonyms prescribe, lay down, specifyRelated Words decree, dictate, ordain; assign, direct, fix, set, settle; arrange, order; choose, select; adjure, bid, charge, command, enjoin, instruct, tell; conduct, control, govern, lead, manage; coerce, compel, constrain, force; obligate, oblige, require

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