verb in·sert \in-ˈsərt\

: to put (something) in something

: to cause (someone) to be involved in an activity

Full Definition of INSERT

transitive verb
:  to put or thrust in <insert the key in the lock>
:  to put or introduce into the body of something :  interpolate <insert a change in a manuscript>
:  to set in and make fast; especially :  to insert by sewing between two cut edges
:  to place into action (as in a game) <insert a new pitcher>
intransitive verb
of a muscle :  to be in attachment to the part to be moved
in·sert·er noun

Examples of INSERT

  1. Insert your credit card here.
  2. You need to insert a comma between these two words.
  3. insert a space between paragraphs
  4. They tried to insert themselves into the conversation.

Origin of INSERT

Latin insertus, past participle of inserere, from in- + serere to join — more at series
First Known Use: 1529


noun in·sert \ˈin-ˌsərt\

: something that is put into something else; especially : a small section or piece of paper with information that is placed inside something

Full Definition of INSERT

:  something that is inserted; especially :  written or printed material inserted (as between the leaves of a book)

Examples of INSERT

  1. The pot comes with an insert for steaming.
  2. advertising inserts in the Sunday paper
  3. Each box includes an insert explaining the product's proper use.

First Known Use of INSERT

circa 1889


intransitive verb in·sert \in-ˈsərt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of INSERT

of a muscle :  to be in attachment to the part to be moved


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