verb \-ˈfōld\

: to spread or cause (something) to spread or straighten out from a folded position

: to happen as time passes

: to be told or made known

Full Definition of UNFOLD

transitive verb
a :  to open the folds of :  spread or straighten out :  expand <unfolded the map>
b :  to remove (as a package) from the folds :  unwrap
:  to open to the view :  reveal; especially :  to make clear by gradual disclosure and often by recital
intransitive verb
a :  to open from a folded state :  open out :  expand
b :  blossom
:  develop, evolve <as the story unfolds>
:  to open out gradually to the view or understanding :  become known <a panorama unfolds before their eyes>
un·fold·ment \-ˈfōl(d)-mənt\ noun

Examples of UNFOLD

  1. The couch unfolds to form a bed.
  2. We'll have more news as events unfold.
  3. We watched the drama unfold on live television.
  4. As the story unfolds, we learn that the boy became an orphan when he was one year old.

First Known Use of UNFOLD

before 12th century


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