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Synonyms and Antonyms of drift

  1. 1 a pile or ridge of granular matter (as sand or snow) <deep drifts of snow blocked our driveway> Synonyms bar, {h,2}bank, moundRelated Words snowbank, snowdrift; embankment, sandbar; heap, hill, mass, mountain, stack, tuft

  2. 2 a prevailing or general movement or inclination <the steady drift of the population away from large cities> Synonyms current, direction, trend, leaning, run, tendency, tide, windRelated Words curve, downside, shift, swing, turn, turnabout, upside; custom, habit, propensity, tenor, way; countercurrent, countertrend; undercurrent, undertow

  3. 3 the idea that is conveyed or intended to be conveyed to the mind by language, symbol, or action <you should expect a visit from the stork, if you get my drift> Synonyms content, denotation, meaning, import, intent, intention, purport, sense, significance, significationRelated Words connotation; clue, cue, hint, implication, indication, inkling, intimation, suggestion; message, tenor, theme; bottom, essence, essentiality, nature, soul, spirit, stuff; acceptance, acceptation, definition; burden, crux, gist; core, heart, kernel, marrow, nub, nucleus, pith, point, quick; matter, motif, motive, question, subject, topic



Synonyms and Antonyms of drift

  1. 1 to move or proceed smoothly and readily <casual conversation drifting from one topic to another> Synonyms bowl, breeze, brush, coast, cruise, flow, glide, roll, sail, skim, slide, slip, stream, sweep, whiskRelated Words fly, race, rush, speedNear Antonyms limp, lumber, plod, stumble, trudge; shamble, shuffle; stamp, stomp, stump, tramp; labor, toilAntonyms flounder, struggle

  2. 2 to rest or move along the surface of a liquid or in the air <the boat drifted along on the current> Synonyms float, glide, hang, hover, poise, ride, sail, swim, waftRelated Words bob, dangle, suspend; buoy; balloon, raftNear Antonyms dive, lunge, plunge; dip, immerse, submerge, submerseAntonyms settle, sink

  3. 3 to move about from place to place aimlessly <spent several years drifting from town to town, picking up odd jobs whenever he needed cash> Synonyms bat, cruise, wander, float, gad (about), gallivant (also galavant), kick around, knock (about), maunder, meander, mooch, ramble, range, roam, rove, traipseRelated Words amble, saunter, stroll; dawdle, mope; gypsy, hobo, tramp, vagabond; mill (about or around); straggle, stray

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