Definition of MAUNDER

to move about from place to place aimlessly <maundered all over town on his day off>
Synonyms bat, cruise, drift, float, gad (about), gallivant (also galavant), kick around, knock (about), maunder, meander, mooch, ramble, range, roam, rove, traipse
Related Words amble, saunter, stroll; dawdle, mope; gypsy, hobo, tramp, vagabond; mill (about or around); straggle, stray
to talk at length without sticking to a topic or getting to a point <ask her a question and she'll maunder for half an hour>
Synonyms blather (on), go on, maunder, rattle, run on
chiefly British  to express dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment usually tiresomely <a couple of mates maundering over their beer in a dark corner of the pub>
Antonyms crow, delight, rejoice

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