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Synonyms and Antonyms of drag

  1. 1 someone or something boring <that lecture was such a drag that half of the audience fell asleep> Synonyms bore, drip, droner, dullsville, nudnik (also nudnick), snooze, snoozer, yawn, yawner Related Words bummer, downer; bromide, pill Near Antonyms blast, gas [slang], kick, rush, upper

  2. 2 a passage cleared for public vehicular travel <the main drag in town> Synonyms arterial, artery, avenue, boulevard, carriageway [British], way, drive, expressway, freeway, high road, highway, pass, pike, road, roadway, route, row, street, thoroughfare, thruway, trace, turnpikeRelated Words causeway; autobahn, autoroute, autostrada, dual carriageway [chiefly British], interstate, motorway [chiefly British], superhighway; beltway, bypass, parkway, ring road [chiefly British]; corniche, switchback; through street; high street [British], Main Street; backstreet, branch, bystreet, byway, crossroad, secondary road, shunpike, side road, side street; alley, alleyway; circle, lane, laneway [British], mews [chiefly British], place; close [chiefly British], cul-de-sac, dead end; corridor; track, trail

  3. 3 something that makes movement or progress difficult <the drag of overpopulation on raising the living standards of that developing country> Synonyms balk, bar, block, chain, clog, cramp, crimp, deterrent, encumbrance, embarrassment, fetter, handicap, hindrance, holdback, hurdle, impediment, inhibition, interference, let, manacle, obstacle, obstruction, shackles, stop, stumbling block, trammelRelated Words catch, hitch, rub, snag; barrier, blockade, blockage, brick wall, stone wall; arrest, bit, brake, check, constraint, curb, hobble, rein, restraint; embargo, stoppage; delay, holdup, stall; burden, cumber, load; danger, hazard, peril, reef; adversity, difficulty, disadvantage, drawback, hardshipNear Antonyms catalyst, goad, impetus, incentive, spur, stimulant, stimulus; advantage, break, edge; aid, assistance, benefit, boost, handmaiden (also handmaid), help

  4. 4 the portion of a serving of a beverage that is swallowed at one time <took a deep drag of tequila before speaking his piece> Synonyms belt, draft, drink, gulp, nip, quaff, shot, sip, slug, snort, sup, swallow, swig, swillRelated Words dram, drop

  5. 5 a person who spoils the pleasure of others <the teenager was mortified to be seen in public with such drags—her parents> Synonyms killjoy, grinch, party pooper, spoilsport, wet blanketRelated Words fuddy-duddy, goody-goody, Goody Two-shoes, old maid, stick-in-the-mud; defeatist, Jeremiah, knocker, pessimist; complainer, crab, cynic, grouch, grump, sorehead, sourpuss, whiner; bore, downer, dripNear Antonyms cutup, jester, live wire; carouser, celebrant, celebrator, merrymaker, rejoicer, reveler (or reveller), roisterer; libertine, playboy, playgirl, rake

  6. 6 clothing chosen as appropriate for a specific situation <an undercover cop who sometimes works her beat in streetwalker drag> Synonyms costume, outfit, dress, garb, getup, guise, togsRelated Words apparel, attire, clothes, duds, habiliment(s), raiment; fashion, mode, style; array, caparison, vestments



Synonyms and Antonyms of drag

  1. 1 to cause to follow by applying steady force on <the deliveryman dragged the barrels over against the wall> Synonyms pull, draw, hale, haul, lug, tow, tugRelated Words attract; heave, jerk, yank; carry, convey, ferry, move, transportNear Antonyms shove, thrustAntonyms drive, propel, push

  2. 2 to move or act slowly <one of the climbers was beginning to drag> Synonyms crawl, creep, dally, dawdle, diddle, dillydally, delay, lag, linger, loiter, lollygag (also lallygag), mope, poke, shilly-shally, tarryRelated Words fiddle (around), fool around, mess around, monkey (around), play, potter (around), putter (around), trifle; hang (around or out), idle, loaf, loll, lounge; amble, ease, inch, lumber, plod, saunter, shuffle, stagger, stroll; decelerate, slow (down or up); filibuster, procrastinate, stall, temporizeNear Antonyms bowl, breeze, dart, hump, hurtle, hustle, scramble, stampede; gallop, jog, run, sprint, trot; accelerate, quicken, speed (up); catch up, fast-forward, outpace, outrun, outstrip, overtakeAntonyms barrel, bolt, career, course, dash, fly, hasten, hotfoot (it), hurry, race, rip, rocket, run, rush, scoot, scud, scurry, speed, tear, whirl, whisk, whiz (or whizz), zip

  3. 3 to move slowly <the play dragged and seemed to take forever to get to its predictable conclusion> Synonyms creak (along), creep, crawl, inch, limp, nose, ooze, plod, poke, slouch, snailRelated Words lumber, shamble, shuffle, tramp, trudgeNear Antonyms float, glide, sail; hurry, tearAntonyms fly, race, speed, whiz (or whizz), zip

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February 12, 2016

of, relating to, or suggestive of marble

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