Definition of NUDNIK

one who is obnoxiously annoying <dreads family gatherings, as that nudnik of a brother-in-law is always sure to be there>
Related Words headache; harrier, heckler, interrupter (also interruptor); hassle, plague; harasser, molester, tormentor (also tormenter), torturer
Near Antonyms charmer, smoothy (or smoothie); comforter, solacer, soother
someone or something boring <nobody wants to hang around with that nudnik—all he wants to do is talk shop>
Synonyms bore, drip, droner, dullsville, nudnik (also nudnick), snooze, snoozer, yawn, yawner
Related Words bummer, downer; bromide, pill
Near Antonyms blast, gas [slang], kick, rush, upper

Variants of NUDNIK

nudnik also nudnick

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