noun \ˈnü-sən(t)s, ˈnyü-\

: a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems

Full Definition of NUISANCE

:  harm, injury
:  one that is annoying, unpleasant, or obnoxious :  pest

Examples of NUISANCE

  1. <the new neighbor is threatening to become a nuisance, dropping in on us several times a day>
  2. <folding up this map correctly is such a nuisance>

Origin of NUISANCE

Middle English nusaunce, noisaunce, from Anglo-French, from nuisir, nuire to harm, from Latin nocēre — more at noxious
First Known Use: 15th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In law, an act, object, or practice that interferes with another's rights or interests by being offensive, annoying, dangerous, obstructive, or unhealthful. Such activities as obstructing a public road, polluting air and water, operating a house of prostitution, or keeping explosives are public nuisances and constitute criminal violations. A private nuisance is an activity or condition (e.g., excessive noise, disagreeable odor) that interferes with the use and enjoyment of one's property and that may be a cause of action in civil litigation. An attractive nuisance is something on one's property that poses a risk to children or others who may be attracted to it.


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