transitive verb \ˈtēz\

: to laugh at and criticize (someone) in a way that is either friendly and playful or cruel and unkind

: to annoy or bother (an animal)

: to make (hair) look fuller or bigger by combing it in a special way


Full Definition of TEASE

a :  to disentangle and lay parallel by combing or carding <tease wool>
b :  teasel
:  to tear in pieces; especially :  to shred (a tissue or specimen) for microscopic examination
a :  to disturb or annoy by persistent irritating or provoking especially in a petty or mischievous way
b :  to annoy with petty persistent requests :  pester; also :  to obtain by repeated coaxing
c :  to persuade to acquiesce especially by persistent small efforts :  coax
d :  to manipulate or influence as if by teasing
e :  to make fun of :  kid
:  to comb (hair) by taking hold of a strand and pushing the short hairs toward the scalp with the comb
:  to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it
teas·ing·ly \ˈtē-ziŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of TEASE

  1. He and his wife enjoy teasing each other about their different tastes in music.
  2. The other children teased her because she was wearing braces.
  3. He was always teased by his brother about being short.
  4. Oh, don't get so angry. I was just teasing!
  5. The boy's mother told him to stop teasing the dog.

Origin of TEASE

Middle English tesen, from Old English ̄san; akin to Old High German zeisan to tease
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to TEASE

chaff, jive, joke, josh, kid, rally, razz, rib, ride, roast, goof on [slang], take the mickey out of [British], make game of, pick on
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: a person who teases other people; especially : a person who seems to be sexually interested in someone but who is not serious about having sexual relations

: a joking remark that criticizes someone in a friendly way : a teasing remark

Full Definition of TEASE

:  the act of teasing :  the state of being teased
:  one that teases

Examples of TEASE

  1. a pretty girl who has the reputation of being a bit of a tease
  2. The lower rate is just a tease to attract new customers.

First Known Use of TEASE



transitive verb \ˈtēz\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TEASE

:  to tear in pieces; especially :  to shred (a tissue or specimen) for microscopic examination


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