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Synonyms and Antonyms of rip

  1. a long deep cut <the hoe left rips in the lawn> Synonyms incision, laceration, rent, rip, slash, slit, tearRelated Words abrasion, score, scrape, scratch; injury, wound; crack, fracture, rupture, snag



Synonyms and Antonyms of rip

  1. a person who has sunk below the normal moral standard <something of a rip in his youth, he eventually settled down> Synonyms backslider, debauchee, debaucher, decadent, deviate, libertine, perv, pervert, profligate, rake, rakehell, ripRelated Words bankrupt, delinquent, derelict, incorrigible; blackguard, cad, heel, knave, miscreant, rascal, reprobate, rogue, scoundrel, villain; lecher, playboy, playgirl, satyrNear Antonyms saint



Synonyms and Antonyms of rip

  1. 1 to cause (something) to separate into jagged pieces by violently pulling at it <the dog ripped the sleeve of my shirt by grabbing it with his teeth> Synonyms rend, ribbon, tear, rive, shred, tatterRelated Words break, cleave, rupture, split; cut, gash, incise, lacerate, slash; butcher, dismember, dissect, hack, mangle

  2. 2 to penetrate with a sharp edge (as a knife) <you can see where someone ripped the painting with a penknife> Synonyms gash, incise, cut, shear, slash, slice, slitRelated Words crosscut, hacksaw, saw, scissor; cleave, rive, split; pierce, stab; bruise, butcher, hack, haggle, lacerate, mangle; rend, tear; carve, chip, chisel, notch; anatomize, dissect, section; chop, dice, mince; amputate, cut off, sever

  3. 3 to proceed or move quickly <the car went ripping down the road> Synonyms barrel, belt, blast, blaze, blow, bolt, bomb [slang], bowl, breeze, bundle, bustle, buzz, cannonball, careen, career, chase, course, crack (on), dash, drive, fly, hare, hasten, hie, highball, hotfoot (it), hump, hurl, hurtle, hustle, jet, jump, motor, nip, pelt, race, ram, hurry, rocket, run, rush, rustle, scoot, scurry, scuttle, shoot, speed, step, tear, travel, trot, whirl, whisk, zip, zoomRelated Words beetle, dart, flit, scamper, scud, scuffle; stampede, streak, whiz (or whizz); gallop, jog, sprint; accelerate, quicken, step out; catch up, fast-forward, outpace, outrun, outstrip, overtake; arrow, beelineNear Antonyms dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag, hang (around or out), lag, linger, loiter, poke, tarry; amble, lumber, plod, saunter, shuffle, stroll; decelerate, slow (down or up)Antonyms crawl, creep, poke

  4. 4 to separate or remove by forceful pulling <rip a sheet off the pad of paper> Synonyms tear, wrench, wrest, yankRelated Words grab, nab, seize, snap (up), snatch; lop (off), nip; amputate, cut (off), dissever, sever; extract, force, jerk, prize, pry, pull, root (out), uprootNear Antonyms reattach

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to depart quickly

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