verb \ˈgrab\

: to quickly take and hold (someone or something) with your hand or arms

: to take or get (something) in a quick and informal way

: to get the attention or interest of (someone or something)


Full Definition of GRAB

transitive verb
:  to take or seize by or as if by a sudden motion or grasp <grab up an ax> <grabbed the opportunity> <grab attention>
:  to obtain unscrupulously <grab public lands>
:  to take hastily <grab a bite to eat> <grab a cab>
a :  to seize the attention of <the technique of grabbing an audience — Pauline Kael>
b :  to impress favorably and deeply
intransitive verb
:  to make a grab
grab·ber noun

Examples of GRAB

  1. I have to go back in the house and grab my car keys.
  2. The little boy grabbed onto his mother's leg and wouldn't let go.
  3. I'll grab a taxi and meet you there.
  4. Let's grab a bite to eat before the movie starts.
  5. The store had a lot of nice stuff, but nothing really grabbed me.
  6. The play grabs the audience from the opening scene.
  7. One player in particular has been grabbing a lot of attention lately.

Origin of GRAB

obsolete Dutch or Low German grabben
First Known Use: circa 1581

Rhymes with GRAB



Definition of GRAB

:  intended to be grabbed <a grab rail>
:  taken at random <grab samples of rocks>

First Known Use of GRAB




: a quick attempt to take or get something

: the act of taking something in a forceful or illegal way

Full Definition of GRAB

a :  something grabbed
b :  a sudden snatch
c :  an unlawful or unscrupulous seizure
chiefly British
a :  a device for clutching an object
b :  clamshell 2a
up for grabs
:  available for anyone to take, win, or settle

Examples of GRAB

  1. <a political activist who thinks the government's lease of public lands to logging companies amounts to an illegal land grab>

First Known Use of GRAB



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