verb \ˈsnach\

: to take (something) quickly or eagerly

: to take (something or someone) suddenly from a person or place often by using force

Full Definition of SNATCH

intransitive verb
:  to attempt to seize something suddenly
transitive verb
:  to take or grasp abruptly or hastily <snatch up a pen> <snatched the first opportunity>; also :  to seize or take suddenly without permission, ceremony, or right <snatched a kiss>
snatch·er noun

Examples of SNATCH

  1. An eagle swooped down and snatched one of the hens.
  2. She snatched the toy from his hands.

Origin of SNATCH

Middle English snacchen to snap, seize; akin to Middle Dutch snacken to snap at
First Known Use: 13th century

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Full Definition of SNATCH

a :  a brief period <caught snatches of sleep>
b :  a brief, fragmentary, or hurried part :  bit <caught snatches of the conversation>
a :  a snatching at or of something
b slang :  an act or instance of kidnapping
:  a lift in weight lifting in which the weight is raised from the floor directly to an overhead position in a single motion — compare clean and jerk, press
usually vulgar :  the female pudenda

Examples of SNATCH

  1. <to the police chief, it didn't look like a snatch, but another case of a bride-to-be getting cold feet>

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