verb \ˈkid-ˌnap\

: to take away (someone) by force usually in order to keep the person as a prisoner and demand money for returning the person

kid·napped also kid·naped\-ˌnapt\kid·nap·ping also kid·nap·ing

Full Definition of KIDNAP

transitive verb
:  to seize and detain or carry away by unlawful force or fraud and often with a demand for ransom
kid·nap·pee or kid·nap·ee \ˌkid-ˌna-ˈpē\ noun
kid·nap·per also kid·nap·er noun

Examples of KIDNAP

  1. <the child of the wealthy industrialist was kidnapped and held for ransom>

Origin of KIDNAP

probably back-formation from kidnapper, from kid + obsolete napper thief
First Known Use: 1682

Related to KIDNAP

abduct, make away with, make off with, run off with


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