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noun black·cap \ˈblak-ˌkap\

Definition of blackcap

  1. 1 :  any of several birds with black heads or crowns: as a :  a small gray European warbler (Sylvia atricapilla) with a black crown b :  chickadee

  2. 2 :  black raspberry


First Known Use of blackcap


Rhymes with blackcap

ASCAP, backslap, backwrap, bitmap, bootstrap, burlap, Carnap, catnap, cell sap, claptrap, death cap, death trap, dunce cap, dognap, earflap, entrap, enwrap, firetrap, foolscap, gelcap, gift wrap, gun lap, heeltap, hubcap, ice cap, jockstrap, kidnap, kneecap, lagniappe, light trap, livetrap, love tap, madcap, mantrap, mayhap, mishap, mobcap, mousetrap, mud flap, nightcap, on tap, pace lap, pinesap, rattrap, recap, redcap, remap, riprap, road map, root cap, sand trap, shiplap, shrink-wrap, skullcap, skycap, snowcap, spark gap, speed trap, steel-trap, stopgap, toe cap, unsnap, unstrap, unwrap, watch cap, whitecap, wind gap, winesap, wiretap, word wrap

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