parcel out


Synonyms and Antonyms of parcel out

  1. to give out (something) to appropriate individuals parceled out the assignments for work on the parish fair Synonyms allocate, apportion, deal (out), dispense, distribute, dole out, hand out, mete (out), administer (out), portion, prorateRelated Words admeasure, allot, allow, appropriate, assign, dish out, divide, divvy (up), dollop (out), lot, measure (out), part, proportion, ration, redistribute, set, share (out), split; bestow, disburse, furnish, issue, provide, share, supply; circulate, disperse, disseminate, scatter, spread; chip in, contribute, donate, pledge; reallocate, reapportionNear Antonyms begrudge, decline, deny, deprive (of), disallow, refuse, reject, withhold; niggle (out), pinch, skimp, stintAntonyms misallocate

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