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How does the verb horrify contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of horrify are appall, daunt, and dismay. While all these words mean "to unnerve or deter by arousing fear, apprehension, or aversion," horrify stresses a reaction of horror or revulsion.

was horrified by such wanton cruelty

When is appall a more appropriate choice than horrify?

While in some cases nearly identical to horrify, appall implies that one is faced with that which perturbs, confounds, or shocks.

I am appalled by your behavior

In what contexts can daunt take the place of horrify?

In some situations, the words daunt and horrify are roughly equivalent. However, daunt suggests a cowing, disheartening, or frightening in a venture requiring courage.

a cliff that would daunt the most intrepid climber

Where would dismay be a reasonable alternative to horrify?

The words dismay and horrify are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, dismay implies that one is disconcerted and at a loss as to how to deal with something.

dismayed at the size of the job

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